MLB Update: Everything Coming Up Colbert

Boy oh boy do I have some old takes for you. At the end of our season finale, me and Dubs (and Eric) talked about the MLB and some of its struggling teams. Namely the Cubs, Nationals, and Dodgers. The question we posed was which teams are the most likely to improve and be the contenders they were expected to be. Dubs chose the Cubs and Dodgers, citing that there was too much turmoil with Washington leadership, and that the Dodgers were just too talented. I, however, chose the Cubs as well, but said that the Nationals were more likely to get out of their funk that the Dodgers, who are coming off a World Series lost. A quick look at the current MLB standings and…

As the title indicates, everything coming up Colbert. Since the day of the recording, April 25th (yeah yeah it’s only been three weeks and there’s still lots of baseball left- let me have my fun), the Nationals would go 13-4, the Cubs 11-7, and the Dodgers a measly 5-13. A tough time to be a Dodgers fan, and possibly a tougher time to be a Dubs fan, or Dubs himself for that matter. Yes, Corey Seager did get season-ending surgery during that span, but during the five games he played after our episode, the team went 1-4, so it’s not like things were getting better. Is it too early to tell exactly how all three of these teams end up? Possibly, but let’s entertain ourselves here. In my opinion, there’s one Nationals player that Dubs seemed to have forgotten about. One player that has carried this team during the month of May, taking them from a losing record, to a game and a half back of their division. You guessed it…

Matt Adams.

Honestly I was just as surprised. I was ready to look up the Nationals stats during the month of May and find Bryce Harper high above his teammates in every category. Did you see the ball he absolutely murdered the other day? I think that was the purest sound you can create from hitting a baseball with a bat. Despite that, he’s just hitting .208 this month, which is not great if you ask me. Matt Adams on the other hand, is hitting a respectable .277 with seven (7!) home runs in 14 games. The guy’s OPS is 1.159, which for the month of May is right up there with stars like Mookie Betts and Giancarlo Stanton. I know he is not the sole reason this Nationals team has been able to turn it around, but he is certainly helping the cause. Props to Strasburg and Scherzer for leading that rotation with three and two victories, respectively. Of course, this is all without Harper contributing his usual load, so imagine when he gets going again what this team is capable of. The Capitols just made it to their first conference final in what seems like forever, so maybe this is the Nats year, too.

While I didn’t quite nail down why the Nationals would do so good, I did better than Dubs. My eyes and ears are going to glued to the MLB Standings and our old episodes so I can keep bringing up Dubs’ old and oh so bad takes. You can also go ahead and count that he gave the Celtics a 0% chance against the Sixers. A literal zero percent chance, the guy wouldn’t even give them a fraction. Good news though because he’s fixed and is thinking like a Celtics fan now, I think he has/will have a blog about it. Anyway, to special attention to my takes next year, cause this year everything is coming up Colbert.

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