LeBron is the Slowest Player in the Playoffs?

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen and welcome to my first Lebron Blog™, which certainly won’t be my last with his impending free agency and the fact that he could very well lose a playoff series to the Maine Red Claws. Anyway, recently it was reported that LeBron James’ average speed during the first three games of the Eastern Conference Finals was 3.4 mph. That is the slowest of any player during that stretch, by the way. This may seem like a surprising fact, and LeBron is certainly taken aback:

Screen Shot 2018-05-23 at 2.24.59 PM
via USA Today

I have a few thoughts on LeBron’s reaction and the stat itself (hence why I wrote this blog). The first is why LeBron is so angry about this data point. The dumbest —- he’s ever heard? Him questioning it is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. This is not something that is up for debate, this is a stat, a data point, a known truth. So he better believe it. This is not something LeBron can go all #FakeNews on, because the simple fact of the matter is that he has been the slowest player during these playoffs, and I’ll tell you why…

*clears throat* HE DOESN’T GET BACK ON DEFENSE! There, I say it, and I feel better now that I’ve said it. It is a site we NBA fans get to see time and time again: LeBron drives to the hoop, misses a layup, looks for a foul, then instead of running back to make up for his miss he complains with the refs a bit before putting his head down and walking to the other side of the court. That is why, on average, he has been the slowest player in these playoffs. He may be running around on offense, or hustling down the court in transition offense, but when something does not go his way on that end, he shows no effort in getting back on defense. It’s inexcusable for the alleged “greatest of all time.” If he really wants to be known as the best to ever play the game, then he needs to stop playing for whistles, and start playing for scoring points and getting back on defense. He cannot point to stats that help him, but when stats then expose him for his lack of effort turn around and tell stats to “kiss [his] ass.”

He then also turns around and brags about how tired he is after games, as if that excuses poor performances. Granted, games 3 and 4 were not ‘poor’ performances whatsoever, but whenever effort is an issue then something is wrong. LeBron will always go hard when it counts, then point to that and say oh look how hard I’m working, when in reality he takes every other play off. Not only is it disrespectful to his team, it is disrespectful for the game of basketball. If the best player in basketball can determine when and if he wants to put the effort in, then kiss the sport goodbye. People who look up to Bron Bron (why they would do that I do not know) will see him half-assing it every other play, then will follow suit. Thus ending the game, and the hustle put into the game, as we know it. So essentially, LeBron is killing basketball by barely caring about defense. Quote me.

Mr. James, if you really care how this data makes you look, then go out and change the data. Put in the work on both ends of the court, and stop chasing fouls. I mean, you suck anyways so maybe just go ahead and quick while at least some people still think you’re the greatest.

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