An Open Letter to John Tavares

Dear John,


Why did you have to do it like that? Why did you have to crush the spirit and morale of Islanders fans everywhere with a low blow? In your letter that was published in the Players Tribune, you addressed the fanbase as “the Islanders Faithful”. That’s quite ironic, considering that you are the least faithful man in sports right now. Players leave in free agency, that’s fine, I understand that, it’s part of the game and industry. As a fanbase, we aren’t upset that you left, we are upset with the way you went about your decision. The difference between you and Kevin Durant is that Kevin Durant never said that he wanted to stay, while during this past season you were quoted as saying “There’s a lot of positive things going forward with the organization and the team here. I haven’t thought about being anywhere else but with the Islanders.” You obviously were, as according to your letter, it had always been a dream of yours to play for Toronto.


If you had it on your mind, why did you have to lie about the whole situation and drag it out until the Isles could no longer get anything in return for you. You say that  “I was Captain of the team, and I took that role seriously.”I highly doubt that you had any intention of staying on Long Island. If you really took your role that seriously, you would have stayed now wouldn’t you? In two of the five sections of your supposedly heartfelt letter to the fans, you talked up the fact that you are now playing for your childhood team in Toronto. That’s like sending your ex-wife a picture of you with your hot new girlfriend who happens to be a model. This whole situation feels like a messy divorce, but it’s your fault John, you did this, not us. Your whole letter in the Players Tribune has the stench of insincerity and dishonesty all over it, and after reading your letter, I actually think less of you than after you made the decision. We’re glad that you’re happy now John, but was it worth lying to an entire fan base for a year? May your next seven years of hockey be mired in constant playoff meltdowns and disappointments that come with being a Maple Leaf, or even better, have the team lose all their stars because of your max contract, and then they don’t even make the playoffs. John, you did this, not us.



The Islanders Faithful

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