The New England Patriots are Your Super Bowl Champs!… Again

Colbert & Dubs has been around for not even two years and here I am writing a second championship blog. I’ll admit that this season felt weirder than previous Patriot seasons, going all the way back to the preseason. Just look at my blog from after their week 3 loss to the Lions…

Of course Tom’s getting pressured, they didn’t address the offensive line. Of course Tom can’t find anyone downfield, they lost two of their top receivers and did not find replacements. Of course they can’t stop a nosebleed, they failed to address the secondary.

But once again…

The product on the field in September is virtually never the product in January and sometimes (a lot of times) February.

It’s funny to look back at everything now, considering we know what ends up happening, but there were bleak moments in this season. There were the back to back losses to start 1-2 for the first time since 2012, a year that saw them get stifled by Baltimore in the AFC Championship. There was the all around terrible performance against the Tennessee Titans that brought up the question of whether or not they could win on the road. There was the loss to the Steelers that directly followed the Miami Miracle that seemed to be proof that this was not the year for the Pats. Whatever Dubs may try to tell you, there were serious doubts along the way for this Pats team, and it certainly wasn’t unwarranted.

But these were of course the New England Patriots we were talking about, who always seem to their best foot forward when the calendar flips to January. Really, it was the Pats defense that propelled them to the finish line. They stopped the Chargers early and often, they shut out the Chiefs for the first half of the AFC Championship, and Sean McVay’s offensive power house Rams scored a whopping 3 points in the Super Bowl. We were all curious how the defense would fare without Matt Patricia and his red jacket calling the plays, and at the end of the day I think Brian Flores did just fine.

Speaking of defense, never in a million years would I imagine that this Super Bowl would be tied at 3-3 entering the fourth quarter. I thought defense would play a large role in this game, but holy hell I at least expected there to be a few touchdowns here and there. It was a little worrisome watching Tom struggle early on in the game, on top of that every time the ball was thrown to Hogan trouble ensued. My one solace was that the defense was stopping one of the most prolific offenses in the league with consistency. The good news for Rams fans is that one of the league’s best punters, Johnny Hekker, put on an absolute punting display. Other than that, even when it was a 3-3 game it felt like the Patriots had the edge.

Sure enough, the dam broke open and the Pats took control of the fourth quarter. Edelman seemed to make every single play possible, and is very much the deserving MVP. Sony Michel, who I wasn’t very high on early in the season but he went on a tear that continued through the postseason, had another great game. After the Gilmore pick the Pats were deep in their own zone, but Michel went off for 26 yards on 2nd & 9 to take the pressure off. Gronk had a great game, making that huge play to set up the Michel touchdown. Once again, the Pats found out ways to utilize him throughout the game, and he finished second on the team with six catches for 87 yards. While not having his greatest Super Bowl, Tom figured it out after his poor start, and became the field general the Pats needed. The fourth quarter once again saw the methodical approach that helped the Pats get past the Chargers and Chiefs.

Definitely a weird season and a weird Super Bowl overall. However, I’ll take the result and I’ll take it with so much joy. Not that they really needed it, but this win solidified Brady and Belichick as the GOATs. I saw a fun little stat that pointed out that the Steelers took 35 years to amass their six titles, while the Patriots achieved the same feat in a mere 18.

I am so glad I am a New England sports fan, cause this winning thing never gets old.

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