Dubs & Mikey Ep. 5

Just days after wisdom tooth surgery Mikey soldiers on to take on Dubs as the two begin battling it out in a debate over which Los Angeles sports team will be the first to win a championship from this point forward. After that, the guys dive into the Kawhi and Paul George team up for the Clippers and ponder who in their right mind would trade for Russell Westbrook to be “the man.” Mikey takes the reins in a new segment we’re calling “STOP IT!” and then the Polar Bear Pete fanatics take a moment to bask in the glory of the Mets finally winning something. To close things out the brothers discuss which contender needs to make a move at the deadline and a surprise team on the outside looking in that will be playing October baseball. Also, the baseballs are juiced, just… STOP IT!

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