UPDATE BLOG: A questionable tweet, a loss to the Royals, and still silence from Camp Colbert on Red Sox

I thought I laid it out pretty simple yesterday. I have no beef with the Red Sox or Mr. Jared Colbert himself. It’s not my fault my Mets have surpassed them in the “who’s more relevant” discussion we all have at the water cooler the next morning after a night of baseball. It’s what happens when the boys get hot, I can’t help that.

Also, I caught some heat yesterday by some loyal members of Red Sox nation for the post. I will gladly admit the fact that Boston has 40-plus games to get things right and get hot against a fairly easy schedule. That was not my point yesterday and, in fact, I would gladly root on a Red Sox run to make those fans in the pinstripes a little nervous. 

I’m sure a day after losing to the Royals and falling yet another game back in both the division and wild-card race make it hard for anyone to believe that possibility right now, but a guy can dream. Again, all I want is an explanation, or a surrender, during a dark and gloomy time.

Unfortunately, however, it seems (in the form of a tweet that still provides no answers about his Red Sox) that either my blog was taken as an act of aggression or Colbert burnt his Pop Tarts yesterday morning.


Now, I’m not going to address what everyone wants me to in this tweet. When the Mets get scorching hot like this, I do not get in bad moods. It’s just a fact. A way of life, one might say. So there’s no internal animosity here, even if that tweet reads a ~tad~ bit hostile. There is an interesting tidbit, though, to go along with this tweet that probably deserves some further discussion regarding his “owning real estate” in my head statement.

Once upon a time ago, when the Red Sox were actually competing for a World Series against the Los Angeles Dodgers, our current producer and Dodgers fan, Kelli Mark, just so happened to be on a different continent. 

Did that stop Mr. Colbert (keeping it respectful, chivalry isn’t dead) from calling her out by name on air and on our Instagram page several times to defend her team? Short answer: Nay.

Was it at times like trying to tame a wild bull who sees a waving red flag for me and our now former producer, Rachel Lo? Honest answer: Yes. I can’t speak for Rachel, but I felt like a below-average matador.

So based off his logic, does that mean that Kelli owns a massive amount of real estate in Colbert’s head? How many acres does she own exactly? Is it like a Florida mansion with a stable of horses in the back or is it more of a penthouse located in the middle of downtown Manhattan? Does she also plan on living in Colbert’s head during her senior year?

You see, there’s so many questions that STILL need to be answered and Mr. Colbert (stay well-mannered, kids) is just not feeding into our deepest temptations and desires. While he may have thought that the tweet “answered” my request for an explanation on his rapidly descending Red Sox, it only opened more curiosity on subjects that now expand beyond baseball.

I still sit here a day later waiting for answers with everyone else.

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