Another Falcons meltdown, Doc Rivers is overrated, the Yankees are back

The Falcons are all the way back as this time they blow such a historic lead their “no f’in way you just did this” stat goes back to 1933. The gang gives their thoughts on all the injuries in Week 2 and which are the most impactful. While Playoff P continues to take all the heat, Doc Rivers can’t hide as he is officially on the hot seat (only for Tristan) after his Clippers blew a 3-1 lead to the (good?) Nuggets. A heavy debate breaks out about Gordon Hayward’s absence from the birth of his fourth child, and the guys try to talk their way back into believing the Celtics can still win this thing. The Yankees got good again. MLB’s expanded playoff format is here to stay. No one likes it, which is on brand for baseball. Bold predictions this week include two in the football world (run Eagles fans) and a prediction on one particular NBA series ending very soon.

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