Nick Foles is BACK, so is Dubs (peep that Pick ‘Em), the Celtics blow it AGAIN, and MLB Round 1 playoff predictions

It was a depressing weekend to be Dubs and Tristan. Dubs stays away from his now 1-2 Cowboys and the team focuses in on yet another Falcons collapse and how Dan Quinn miraculously still has a job. Josh Allen and the Bills are legit, Nick Foles (aka BDN) is ALLLLL the way back, and Carson Wentz still sucks. As tough as it may be, they dive in on the Celtics while giving very little credit to the Heat. The topic then jumps to the Finals as the trio gives their predictions for this unprecedented matchup. The show ends with some Round 1 MLB playoff predictions and the bold prediction of the week. But Kelli, just like her cooking, fails to meet the expectations on that one.

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