GM/HC/OC Bill O’Brien fired, NFL Week 4 Fraud Alert, has Kershaw broken his postseason curse?

The Texans gave Bill O’Brien the keys to the franchise, and it lasted all of a few months. He gets the boot and the gang reacts to that, as well as the Cowboys getting their teeth kicked in by the 3-1 (yes, you read that right) Cleveland Browns, Teddy Bridgewater shocking the football landscape, and the biggest frauds so far this season. Clayton Kershaw pitched one good playoff game (woopty doo), does he have another one in him this postseason to keep the Dodgers kickin’? The Marlins shocked us all, but the gang is skeptical of their chances in their Division Series predictions. Apparently the Nets don’t have a head coach, according to Kyrie Irving (so take that for what it’s worth), and the Lakers are 2 wins away from another NBA championship…but watch out for that bad man Jimmy Butler.

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