Dak, THE RAIDERS, Lakers/LeBron, LCS Thoughts & Predictions

Right off the jump, the gang earns that capital E next to this episode. It’s a tough weekend to be a sports fan, that’s not an appeal to you Yankee fans. The team reacts to the freak Dak injury against the Giants, discusses what it means for the NFC East, and who is now the favorite. They quickly move on to pick on Carson Wentz, talk about if the Steelers are Super Bowl contenders, and if the RAIDERS and JONNY GRUDEN are AFC contenders. They finally get their wish as Dan Quinn is *poof* gone from Atlanta, and quickly address the Pick ‘Em (important notice: BEFORE the MNF game kicked off). The trio then jumps into baseball and what the Yankees need to do to not be MLB’s biggest fraud every year since 2009, the Rays shocking 2-0 lead on the Astros, and what this Dodgers/Braves series will look like (again, recorded before the Dodgers choked it away in the 9th). The guys briefly hit on what this Lakers title means for LeBron’s legacy and what this run did for the status of Jimmy Butler in the NBA moving forward.

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