Moneyball works, the Browns are back on fraud alert, Le’Veon to the Chiefs

The Browns have fooled us all yet again, so they’ve been promptly welcomed back to the Fraud club. The Bears have quickly been de-frauded as the defense and St. Nick Foles have their swagger back. Le’Veon Bell might be the luckiest man alive escaping the chokehold of Adam Gase to fly into the loving arms of Big Red and the reigning Super Bowl champs. Tristan denies modern science and still denies that Moneyball works…even as the Rays win the American League with an AL best 40 wins (cost them $715,000 per win by the way, we did the math). Kelli went to a few games because, you know, Texas and the gang gives their predictions on the Fall Classic. Bold predictions this week include trying to hype Clayton Kershaw into pitching well in the postseason and Dubs tries talking himself into getting some momentum in the Pick ‘Em.

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